Akemi Hayashi (aka Audrey Matano)

Audrey has been a menial worker from the Omega Caste for the last 5 years and has no memory of her past. She has hidden martial arts ability and is suspected to be a dangerous gothic geisha rebel, brain-wiped and re-inserted into the Unopolis for unknown reasons.

Kenji Arcenau (aka Kenji Hendrix)

Kenji is a restoration worker in the Psi Level that is sought after by both the Unopolis Government and the Rebels. He is purported to be the Hoshi Yogensha, son of a Gothic Geisha, which is impossible, since Gogeishas only beget females with unique abilities.


X909 is the unsurpassed Apex Ops, Special Black Ops Soldier in the Unopolis, and the favorite commando of General Bishop. He has a mysterious past and after being publicly humilated by Audrey, has a special vendetta against her and is obsessed.

Lisolette Monroe

Lisolette is the most accomplished Ouji Senshis (Warrior) of the Gothic Geishas. She is assigned to follow and protect Kenji. Kenji is able penetrate the cold, practical exterior of Lisolette and she falls for him. Being emotionally attached endangers the mission.

Chairman Augustine Caine

Chairman Caine is the head of the Calcedonian Council and the leader of the Authoritarian Unopolis Regime. He has been in office for the last 200 years and will do anything to keep his power, including recruiting Kenji and indoctrinating him to the Principles of the Regime.

General Ethan Bishop

Bishop is the highly decorated General of the Unopolis Military. He is a personal friend of Chairman Caine and has a long standing hatred of the Gothic Geisha Sisterhood. With Caine's blessing, Bishop plots the demise of the Gothic Geisha Sisterhood.