Lisolette and her pudao (horse cutter). Lisolette is a consummate warrior (Ouji Senshis) of the Gothic Geishas, she is skilled in many weapons as well as battle strategy.

Character Design

These are various costume designs for Akemi (Audrey), Lisolette and Kenji. Battle threads as well as geisha kimonos.

Alpha Level Concept Art

This is the upper most level of the Unopolis. A beautiful environment for the wealthy and members of the Calcedonian Party, the ruling party of the government.

Omega Lower Levels

Early concept art of the lower levels which extend deep underground.

Gothic Geisha Cover

This painting of Audrey/Akemi was used for the limited print run of issue #1 for the San Diego Comic Convention. A few signed copies are left and can be purchased at my Etsy store.

Lisolette and Kenji

Unfinished underpainting of the couple, waiting for me to color. I don't ususally work this way, but it's an experiment.

Steampunk Audrey/Akemi

I was playing with the idea of making the world of the Unopolis Steampunk. I abandoned this idea and just went with sci-fi. I probably would have gotten a better response, but then it would be called Steampunk Geishas!

Upper Levels

Old concept art of the upper Alpha Levels. It looks omimious in black and white!