In a Dystopian Society, 400 years into the Future

Mankind resolved the over population problem by extending buildings high into the sky for miles and miles above sea level. These great cities became so large that the edges touched and stretched together, forming the Unopolis. To maintain order and harmony, a caste system kept the population under control. The poor lived in the depths of the bottom, called the Omega Class.The wealthy lived at the top Alpha eschelon. What ever class a person was born into, he had to remain there for the rest of his life. Freedom of choice was nonexistent, people were not allowed to traverse the levels and oppressed by The Authoritarian goverment. Chairman Augustine Caine of the Calcedonian Society, has been in control of the Unopolis for nearly 200 years.

Audrey, born of the worker class, toils at her work endlessly. She has no memory of her past and must take medication to keep her violent tendencies under control. When she forgets to refill her prescription, she discovers she has martial arts ability and her memory starts to return. She becomes a threat to the Unopolis.

Kenji, a restoration worker, one that restores the foundations of buildings, averts a potential disaster, and finds himself at the center of attention. He appears wanted by both the Unopolis and the rebels.

A secret sect called the Gothic Geishas, women involved in all stratas of society from politics to entertainers of men, have planted the seeds of rebellion and are planning a major battle with the Unopolis.